Who We Are

Paul Dickinson Coaching Limited, based in Bristol, advancing skills across the UK

We are passionate about bringing the best out of riders’ skills. Our main focus is to develop higher levels of competency on the roads to deal with todays congested conditions and achieve high levels of skill. It goes without saying that there is a greater degree of personal satisfaction and security that comes from becoming a more confident and safer motorcyclist.

The benefit of professional coaching is to engender best practices in your approach to riding, how you should be thinking and planning, controlling the machine and developing awareness of all those factors that will influence your progress, your personal safety and that of those around you.

Our advanced motorcycle training topics are designed to emphasise, train and develop particular skills, but, of course, as things develop on the road, much of the coaching crosses over from module to module and awareness, observation and planning permeates throughout each of them.

Our approach allows riders to progress at their own pace and budget and to address specific skills that they wish to develop. Having completed all the modules you could expect to easily qualify for any of the advanced riding awards available after suitable practice.

With us you can have unrivalled peace of mind that your advanced motorcycle training courses will be of the highest calibre.

Paul Dickinson, has substantial industry experience. His motorcycle industry specific qualifications are evidence of his commitment to provide exceptional training for his clients and they exceed the industry standards. He has in excess of 40,000 hours teaching experience on the UK’s and continental roads and provides professional consultation as an Expert Witness in the investigation of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents. He has Enhanced Disclosure CRB clearance.