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Our lives and limbs are highly valuable to us. It makes sense then to go to professionals, experienced and qualified in rider training, experienced and qualified in road and rider safety, and ask of them those questions to which you would like some answers to assist you in becoming a great rider.

It’s all very well owning the keys to a motorcycle but, in the matter of giving out information to others about riding, casual delivery is rather like having a syringe full of drugs in one’s hand. Anyone can give the right prescription and stick a needle in the right place, to anyone that asks for an injection, can’t they? Yes? No.

Riding In Focus provides you with the professional expertise you seek. It’s based on hundreds of thousands of hours of providing fully qualified, professional riding and driving tuition at the highest levels on the UK’s roads. This of course covers some of the most congested, fast moving and treacherous traffic conditions.

The resource provides knowledge, videos, tips, and the do’s and the don’ts of riding on the UK’s roads. The rules and the laws of the Highway Code will also be professionally explained so that you will benefit in the right way. Accurate interpretation is vital to our skills and safety.

Once subscribed you can access the Members’ Area and you will be able to contact our instructors for advice about road safety issues. You will have access to exclusive video clips and even be able to ask for specific clips to be made for you that explain various road riding techniques that deal with a range of hazards. This subscription is an online only resource for the public and as such doesn’t provide telephone response.

When you pay for the Annual subscription it also works as a discount towards a professional riders’ course. Your subscription fee will be deducted from the price of any of our advanced riding courses including our sought after Get Cornering day (s). Additionally we fund an extra £45.55 which gives you a £100 reduction in the overall course fee.