About Us

We are Awesome

Get Cornering is the group name for Gordano Motorcycle Training (GMTS.BIKE) and Paul Dickinson Coaching Limited est.1998. Get Cornering itself was first trialled in 2011 and went live in 2014. It was the first on road cornering school for bikers in the UK. It set the standards for on road cornering skills’ training and remains unrivalled today.

The business of Get Cornering specialises in providing experienced tuition for riders of all ages and skill levels. We are based at the Hand Stadium, Clevedon, Bristol BS21 6TG and have outstanding facilities.

From CBT to the most advanced riding, we offer something for every biker. We are passionate about bringing the best out of riders’ skills. Our main focus is to develop confidence and competency on the roads to deal safely with today’s congested conditions. It goes without saying that there is a greater degree of personal satisfaction and security that comes from becoming a more confident and safer motorcyclist.

The aim of our tuition is to encourage best practices in the approach to riding bikes on the roads. How to think and plan in a truly advanced way, to control the machine at a higher level and develop unique awareness as a motorcyclist. This approach allows riders to progress at their own pace to address specific skills required to be a safe rider.

With us you can have unrivalled peace of mind that your training will be of the highest calibre.

The Director and Principal Instructor, Paul Dickinson, has substantial industry experience. On December 2nd 2022 he began his 25th year as a professional trainer.

His motorcycle industry specific qualifications are evidence of his commitment to provide exceptional training for his clients and they exceed the industry standards. Paul has in excess of 50,000 hours teaching experience on the UK’s and continental roads and these days also provides professional consultation as an Expert Witness. He has Enhanced Disclosure CRB clearance. Instructors working for the school are expected to maintain the high standards at all times.