About Riding In Focus®

Riding In Focus® is the professional riding skills and road safety resource available to the motoring public of the UK. Its principal aim is to increase the safety of bikers. In doing so, it engages with all road users to generate greater understanding and harmony.

It isn’t a forum. The information provided to the public from this resource is given by professionals in the fields of road safety, crash investigation and driver and rider training. The collective expertise and knowledge stretches across hundreds of thousands of hours.

There’s a professional Vlog with video clips and commentaries that explore the essential riding skills required on the roads. The Vlog covers riding in all types of weather and traffic conditions and looks at the best practices needed for survival. Once you’re a subscriber, you can even request clips or tutorials to be made for you and added to the Members’ Area.

Riding In Focus® explores the myths about riding a motorcycle on the UK’s roads. The information available on the Internet is a great thing in so many ways but, we’ve noticed an increasing tendency for the information to be put forward in a confusing and highly inaccurate way. Shall we say that the lines are extremely blurred and as a consequence, we’ve noticed, potentially very dangerous to the readers if acted upon. Our professional resource changes all of that.