Direct Access Scheme (DAS) and A2 Licence Acquisition

Once you’ve completed Compulsory Basic Training you can think about moving on towards your full licence. There’s a theory test to pass but there’s nothing standing in your way to start preparing to ride bigger bikes than 125’s. These machines have a power output of no more than 14.75 bhp (11KW).

A2 and Direct Access size motorcycles are very quick and we urge you to take the time and invest in thorough training with us. There are no quick fixes to being a good rider and the motorcycle Module 1 and Module 2 tests are only the start.

The A2 licence restricts the riding of bikes to those with a power output of 47 bhp (35KW) or less. As a guide, the 500 cc Honda CB500F with 47 bhp is an A2 motorcycle. 0-60mph time of a fraction more than 4 seconds.

The KTM 390 cc Duke is also an A2 bike and has 43 bhp. 0-60 time also a fraction more than 4 seconds. The minimum size machine to qualify for an A2 licence is 245 cc with a minimum power output of 27 bhp (20KW).

The Suzuki SV650 with 74 bhp is a Direct Access size machine. Direct Access gives the rider entitlement to ride any size machine.

A Direct Access machine for the full licence Category A must exceed 67 bhp (50KW). 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds.

It’s worth bearing in mind that bikes of these capacities are the required entry level standards for new road riders.