Age 24 to 70

The motorcycle you’ve been dreaming about is now around the corner. If you have now reached 70 you will need to check with DVLA that your licence is renewed, other than that, you’re good to go.

If you have held a category A2 licence for 2 years, you can just take the practical Module 1 and Module 2 tests to upgrade your licence to enable you to ride in category A. You will need to take this test on a larger bike than you’ve been riding, and you will need some lessons as a refresher, but an unrestricted motorcycle is now just around the corner for you.

Otherwise, you will need to take the following steps to your licence:

You must first get a provisional licence and complete our CBT – Compulsory Basic Training course. The Compulsory Basic Training course only enables riders to use public roads whilst displaying L plates on their bikes, maximum 125cc.

For riders in this age range you can also complete your CBT course with us on a big bike if you are used to riding motorcycles and are with a suitably qualified instructor. You can go on to pass the practical motorcycle tests once you’ve had more lessons on larger machines.

There are two practical tests.

Module 1 (Machine handling skills)
Module 2 (Practical on road skills)

The standard you are expected to ride at is at a similar level to the national driving test.

You will need to pass the Theory test before you take your Module 1 test but you can start your practical lessons before you take the theory test.

Have a look here for details of the power of the machines you are allowed to ride:

Flow chart for licence categories and ages

“Risk isn’t the same as actual danger. To reduce risks from turning into actual danger and as motorcycling requires that skills are refreshed, we strongly advise further training with us after you have passed your tests. We provide a range of courses that give you accreditation and proof of your ability to ride at a higher standard than required at the level of licence acquisition.” Paul, Director and Coach, Get Cornering.