Age 19+

You’re on your way to riding larger motorcycles and you can now ride a larger machine in the licence category of A2. You can also take your CBT course on a larger machine if you are already used to riding motorcycles and are with a suitably qualified instructor.

If you passed your A1 motorcycle test at age 17 + and have held it for two years, you can just take the practical Module 1 and Module 2 test on the larger machine to upgrade your licence. This will enable you to ride a machine in the A2 category. Otherwise, at 19 + you will need to do the following before you can be granted your A2 licence:

You must first get a provisional licence and complete CBT – Compulsory Basic Training Course. The Compulsory Basic Training course only enables riders to use public roads whilst displaying L plates on their bikes, maximum bike size 125cc.

You can go on to pass the practical motorcycle tests once you’ve had lessons on larger machines and then throw away the L plates. There are two practical tests. Module 1 (Machine handling skills) Module 2 (Practical on road skills). The standard you are expected to ride at is at a similar level to the national driving test.

You will need to pass the Theory test before you take your Module 1 test, but you can start your practical lessons before you take the theory test.

Have a look here for details of the power of the machines you are allowed to ride:

Flow chart for licence categories and ages:

“Motorcycling uses perishable skills so we strongly advise further training with us after you have passed your tests. The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a good place to start and comes with a certificate from the DVSA to prove your higher level of competence.” Paul, Director and Coach, Get Cornering.