Age 16+

16+ and on the road. You can complete your CBT course on a bike of 50cc or less and away you go! You can ride an automatic or geared moped on the roads. Mopeds are usually 49cc and automatic – twist and go.

You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old. You can start riding a moped on your 16th birthday.

You must first get your provisional licence and complete CBT – Compulsory Basic Training course. Once you have completed the course you will receive a certificate. This certificate is a legal document and validates your driving licence enabling you to ride on the roads.

You can do this on your 16th birthday if you have your licence available to show your trainer at the start of the course.

The Compulsory Basic Training course only enables riders to use public roads whilst displaying L plates on their bikes. Riding without the necessary L plates is a traffic offence.

If you want to continue riding after 2 years you must take and pass the theory test and take the A1 category motorcycle test or complete another CBT course. You can continue renewing your CBT for the entire duration of your licence, though we recommend that you go on to take further training to pass your tests and ride to a higher and safer standard.

Many young people have ridden scooters or motorcycles before their 16th birthday. This is great for the off road elements of the course but we urge all riders to recognise the enormous responsibility needed for the on road elements.

Flow chart for licence categories and ages

“You may believe you are safe on the roads at this age, but I was 16 once and I know you are vulnerable. I very strongly advise having at least a few more lessons after your CBT course to consolidate your skills.” Paul, Director and Coach, Get Cornering.