Evening Class

The evening classes run on weekdays except for Bank Holidays, starting at 4.30 pm and finishing at about 6.30 pm.

You can then arrive at the daytime practical course for Elements C, D & E both refreshed and better informed and may have had time to buy kit of your choice.

Please note: There will be an eyesight and driving licence check.

The core skills that you will develop on our Evening Class are as follows:

Element A: introduction
A discussion about the the aims of CBT and your part within it, making suitable decisions about buying a helmet, equipment, and clothing, and meeting the eyesight rules. Trying out some of the kit. For hygiene reasons we provide helmet liners for your use.

Element B: practical on-site training
This is where you’ll learn how the motorcycle or scooter works, where all the switches and buttons are that make things flash go and stop.

You’ll find out where the throttle gears and levers are including the location of the brakes and what they feel like. How to take it on and off its stand – yes you’ll need to do that. What maintenance checks are needed, and getting a feel for the weight and balance of the machine you’ll be riding by wheeling it around.