CBT Renewal

CBT renewals will take place on a daytime course and all 5 Elements of CBT will be covered. This time in a different way. (This course is suitable also for riders that can already ride a geared motorcycle competently but have not yet completed CBT).

Now that you have a couple of years’ experience behind you on the roads it could be a good time to think about upgrading. The learning to ride process has already been completed, it’s now just a matter of enhancing your skills and developing your existing knowledge.

Riders will be able to quickly demonstrate their knowledge of elements A and B and you already have the skills to ride the machine. Maybe now’s the time to consider a full licence? Continuing to return for a CBT course may not advance your skills as much as you would like or be that beneficial to you? Perhaps you would like to try a bigger bike with us? A 500, 600 or 650 maybe.

Perhaps you’re already able to ride a larger machine but the fear of the price to get a full motorcycle licence is holding you back or maybe the theory is worrying you. Talk to us, let’s see what we can do, it’s very possible that you won’t need as much time as a new road rider so this will help to keep the overall price down. If the theory and hazard perception test is your worry then we can help with that, it’s our day job.

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Covid 19

Our courses are run
in strict observance of DVSA and Public Health Guidelines for motorcycle training.

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