Your Riding Coach

Your coach will be Paul Dickinson. Paul has approximately 50,000 hours teaching experience and 25 years as a professional trainer under his belt, provides expert witness reports for the court in relation to motorcycle crashes and is generally a great all-round guy to spend your time with.

The advanced Get Cornering course is available to all riders who hold a full motorcycle licence. It has been featured twice in RiDE magazine since 2012 with great feedback. Allow one day for the standard course or two days if you would prefer a thorough insight to your cornering skills with lots of practice on fabulous roads.

The content of the course assumes that you already have some knowledge of cornering but want to improve in some way. You might want to take an advanced test for example, or you may want to become an instructor or, just get a bit more confidence and knowledge.

The course isn’t about you already ‘knowing’ what to do, after all it’s easy to read books or information on the Internet and assume one then knows. Riding can’t be learned from a book, it’s a practical activity and requires skills. Those skills need to be learned and practised, there is no other way.

What Will You Learn?

Lots. You may have had limited time spent riding on the roads or you might have a great deal of experience. You will learn and improve. You will gain confidence in your cornering skills throughout the course and will gain new skills and techniques to assist your riding in all kinds of weather. Yes, there will be no need for you to fear cornering in the rain on wet roads anymore.

You will also learn more about the dynamics of a motorcycle, how it works when going around corners and applying the right amount of lean. You will learn how to position on the approach, during the corner and on the exit along with learning how to read the direction of the bend you’re approaching, anticipating changes to it and then dealing with those changes.

We currently have two centres, one of which is based at Dick Lovett Motorrad in north Bristol and one at the Hand Stadium in Clevedon which is south of Bristol.

If you would like to have the Get Cornering course nearer your area, just ask and we will do our best to arrange it for you. At present, Scotland, East Anglia and North Wales will require a group of 4 riders for each course, or if you prefer, you can take a mini-break and travel to one of our regions and ride some new roads.

Where Does it Take Place and How Long Does it Last?

On specially selected public roads that meet certain criteria to deliver the course successfully, enjoyment for you, and productive enhancement of your skills and safety. It’s a 1 or 2 day course and specifically covers motorcycle cornering skills. Expect to cover at least 80 miles on each day. With the amount of riding, the concentration, the briefing and discussion sessions, it is a full on and really enjoyable day. You will be tired at the end. It is worth considering an overnight stay if you are travelling any significant distance either to or from Get Cornering.