VPAC® is the system of motorcycle control developed specifically for cornering by Paul Dickinson. Paul is a 25 years’ qualified professional trainer. VPAC® includes cornering specific content in context with relevant consideration of the key elements he identified to create the required framework:

Vision – Positioning – Anticipation – Control

The critical conclusion in delivering VPAC® is that when a rider isn’t achieving their aims with cornering, the reasons will always be grounded in either Vision Positioning Anticipation or Control. Like baked beans and cornflakes, it sounds simple now doesn’t it.

The industry by its very nature can be slow to accept change. Maybe that is true for us all. In 25 years Paul has seen exceptionally little change and this has had a negative effect on the UK’s bikers. VPAC® represents change, a vision if you like, that cornering skilfully on the roads is in itself an entire subject to be learned independently of other hazards. It’s really important to bikers’ safety that it’s addressed professionally.

The VPAC® system gives all riders of all levels of ability, a framework to understand and use when approaching bends. Whilst cornering is fantastic fun on the roads and essential to go from A to B, it comes notoriously with unnecessary casualties. VPAC® must be taught by professionals.

On the approach to any bend, anywhere, the proper application of VPAC® ensures riders’ safety during cornering.