The Original Get Cornering Course

What is Get Cornering?

No matter your experience, whether you are new to riding or otherwise, there is a lot to be gained in confidence and skills from this on road motorcycle cornering training. The day is tailored to your existing abilities and sets out to build on those and develop the right kind of confidence and safe motorcycle cornering skills for you.

The course is a great day out for any rider with a full motorcycle licence, zipping and nipping around the beautiful landscape of selected biking roads in the UK. As an exclusive and fun day designed to enhance rider skills and personal safety, it specifically deals with the rider’s approach and ability to deal with all types of bends on public roads. You will learn more about cornering lines, positioning and overtaking. 

Where Did This Motorcycle Cornering Training Begin?

Get Cornering was trialled in the UK with 150 riders of all ages and experience, over a period of 2 years. We invited a fatal crash investigator, various members of different organisations each holding advanced certificates as evidence of their existing riding ability and observers for advanced riding organisations. In addition, we invited new riders, sports bike riders, riders on cruisers, touring riders and everyone in between. The youngest rider to trial the Get Cornering advanced motorcycle training course was 19 and the eldest, aged 75. Without exception, the feedback was fantastic.

The VPAC® System and Your Skills Development

Motorcycle cornering training on the roads develops the ability to read and understand bends, the approach speed you need and anticipating a whole host of other things. After Get Cornering you will read those bends in a whole new way and never need worry again. You will be developing your skills and cornering with real confidence in radio contact with your coach using Get Cornering’s application of the VPAC® system to evaluate your cornering. To ensure enjoyment there is a maximum group size of 3 riders per day.

Positioning, Cornering Lines, Overtaking

We will also be demonstrating and getting you to practise your positioning in various aspects of your road riding, your lines on approach to bends and your overtaking skills. And these can’t be learned from reading. They have to be professionally explained, demonstrated, imitated and practised and this advanced motorcycle course is the perfect place to do it. How good and how safe you want to be is now in your hands with Get Cornering.

Share and Learn

You can share and learn, pick up tips, and find out a few tricks and techniques to get the best out of you and your bike. On the Get Cornering course you can learn to corner more quickly, more smoothly and more safely for evermore. Get Cornering is the successful enterprise of industry experienced biker and full-time professional motorcycle trainer, Paul Dickinson.