Expert Witness

Paul Dickinson has provided the required expertise in a number of cases, both in criminal and civil actions involving bikers. As well as the written reports Paul can also provide video reports and he’s listed on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

The work has principally been in defence of bikers and motorcycle training schools across the UK. The severity of injuries has been extensive in all cases and includes those which are life changing and fatalities.

He works independently and as a consultant with Viewpoint Investigative Services based in Bristol. VIS approached Paul in 2015 to assist with a case involving a car driver and 3 bikers. VIS is represented by the original team of FATAC at Avon & Somerset Police. Whilst Paul is not ex-police, his independence and 25 years’ experience as a professional trainer brings an entirely different and unique perspective to all cases.

His CV and references are available as required. Please complete the form below for any further information you might require and how Paul can assist.