DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

This is an advanced riding course developed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

It comes with industry approved certification and is uniquely delivered only by DVSA registered professional rider trainers. Successful completion of this course will enable the rider to demonstrate that they can ride at an advanced level and is an acceptable qualification to join the blood bikers for example. Being only delivered by professionals the course is very comprehensive and far reaching into developing the skill sets of the riders participating.

The course starts with an initial assessment of your riding.

The core modules covered are:

  • Structured planned approach to riding
  • Defensive riding and hazard awareness
  • Progress – Use of speed
  • Overtaking – Filtering
  • Bends and corners
  • Slow control
  • Developing the correct attitude

Other modules that can be covered include:

  • Effective braking techniques
  • Group riding
  • Training in alternative environments
  • Riding for work
  • Riding abroad

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is assessment based so there is no test on completion and there is no timescale or limit in which to complete it. Your trainer will be able to sign you off and the DVSA will send you the certificate. The assessment and the course can sometimes be completed in one day. As well as all the riding benefits to you, the certificate can be presented to insurance companies to obtain a reduction in the insurance premium.

Please be advised you will need a full licence, a roadworthy motorcycle and be able to meet the normal eyesight requirements for driving. (Motorcycle hire is available if required).

“Top quality training is the BEST investment for your personal safety …”

Here’s what Andy from Bristol says….

Hi Paul, thank you for arranging my biking course, I had a really great day and very worthwhile I really enjoyed being on a bike again. If you could thank everyone for me as well that would be great, any way thanks again…