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My FREE Advanced Riding Lesson

In your advanced riding lesson you will acquire a snapshot of your current skills and what is required to take your riding to another level. It will give you a benchmark from which to take your riding further and any observations made during the feedback can open a discussion and an understanding of what can be achieved, irrespective of riding experience.

Your lesson will necessarily include an assessment of your current riding. Continuously having an assessment though, is like having a series of photographs at different times and as we know, the pictures often don’t tell the real story. In other words, having a riding assessment each year doesn’t change the riding as such, it only makes you aware of what can be changed. Following an assessment, for example at BikeSafe, the police will strongly advise ‘training’ or coaching, to follow on for this very reason.

What are the benefits?

A good assessment should be completed with a short summary of strengths and weaknesses on the day and you should be going away with a clear understanding of what to do to develop your skills. The lesson will give you a metaphorical 'tool-kit' which you can take away and practice to develop your skills further. Our Modules offer coaching in all the common skillsets and it would be ideal to go on to complete one or more of these to get the improvements in skills that you seek.

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