Advanced Motorcycle Training


Paul Dickinson, based near Bristol, advancing road riding skills for all riders across the UK

Brands: Get Cornering and Motorcycle Roadcraft

Your instructor, Paul Dickinson, has substantial industry experience. His motorcycle industry specific qualifications are evidence of his commitment to provide exceptional training for his clients and they exceed the industry standards. He has in excess of 40,000 hours teaching experience on the UK's and continental roads and provides professional consultation as an Expert Witness in the investigation of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents. He has Enhanced Disclosure CRB clearance.

Here’s what Paul has to say about a few things.

“I am passionate about bringing the best out of riders' skills. But why? Well, believe it or not, I care. As at 2019 I have spent 21 years in the motorcycling and driving industry, learning my craft as a professional rider and trainer, expanding now to approximately 40,000 hours on the roads, teaching and guiding riders at all levels from brand new to highly experienced.

I’ve learned a huge amount with this experience, not least that as riders we absolutely must pay attention to the smallest details and some details that are just not obvious at all. Oh yes, I’m on a personal mission to raise my clients' riding to the highest of standards to account for all those tiny details that really make a difference, I’ve been told by other instructors that it’s all too hard to tell people, why bother, etc., etc., though, my clients / students take an entirely different view from theirs – interesting eh?

Every day of every week of every year that I’ve been in this industry at least one motorcyclist has been killed on the roads. And every day there are at least 50 riders suffering serious injury. Yes, every day. Given that we make up so little of the traffic these are astoundingly bad figures and there is no dressing them up. I suppose one view would be to just give up riding after reading these stats, and people do when they see figures published in the press. Very unhelpful for the industry to progress and encourage more bikes and bikers don’t you think?

But, all that is completely unnecessary as riding a motorcycle and the decisions we make are entirely in our hands and so is the capacity to be an absolutely brilliant rider on the roads. It just takes some time, practice and ongoing commitment after passing one’s motorcycle tests. And yes, it costs a bit of money, but nowhere near the cost of your bike.

There are all sorts of people offering themselves as able to provide ‘advanced motorcycle training’. The reality, however, is that there are very few people that really can deliver it and to a high standard. Otherwise those casualty figures would come down dramatically if they could, would they not? Choosing the outstanding trainer from the run of the mill isn’t necessarily easy. You may find that you will have to travel.

My main focus is to develop higher levels of competency on the roads to deal with todays’ congested conditions and for each rider to achieve high levels of skill. It goes without saying too that there is a greater degree of personal satisfaction and security that comes from becoming a more confident and safer motorcyclist.

The benefit of my professional coaching and guidance is to engender best practices in your approach to riding, the very best ways of thinking and planning, the very best ways of controlling the machine and developing awareness of all the factors that will influence your skills, your personal safety and that of those around you.

The advanced motorcycle training modules I have put together are designed to emphasise coach guide and develop particular skills, but of course, as situations develop on the road, much of the coaching ‘crosses over’ from module to module. Awareness, advanced observations and planning permeates throughout each of them.

My approach allows riders to progress at their own pace to address specific skills that they wish to develop. With me you can have unrivalled peace of mind that your advanced motorcycle training courses and your riding will be of the highest calibre.

You may think already that you are OK as a rider. And you may well be. But is OK really enough?

I would urge you to call me, book a free observed ride and let’s go from there.”

My very best biking wishes to you,

Paul Dickinson